Benefits to Having a Fuck Buddy

As someone who has had plenty of fuck buddy (friends with benefits) relationships in her life, I feel that I am more than qualified to give some sound advice. Just like with anything in life, there is the good and the bad. In this post I will discuss the good and in a later, separate [...]

Why You Should Be Sexting During Work

Whether you love your job or not, some days (or maybe a lot of days) you just want to pull your hair out, tell that one annoying coworker to fuck off and walk out giving everyone the double bird. Lately this has totally been me. My job has been stressful as fuck, I find everyone [...]

Let’s Start a New Kind of Sex Revolution

Hi, I am a Perv with Curves. Translation: I have a total dirty mind, want sex all the time and I am woman. A woman who wants sex all the time? What a shocker, I know! No, I am not some unheard of and rare species. I am a normal girl who has a high [...]