Why You Should Be Sexting During Work

Whether you love your job or not, some days (or maybe a lot of days) you just want to pull your hair out, tell that one annoying coworker to fuck off and walk out giving everyone the double bird. Lately this has totally been me. My job has been stressful as fuck, I find everyone annoying and my “pretend I care” game has me exhausted by the end of the day.

But I have found something to take the edge off a bit and no I am not talking about a couple glasses of wine or a Xanax. I am talking about some hardcore sexting. Whether it’s sexting your crush, significant other or a fuckboy, I am telling you the work stress will melt away. So, if you don’t have a sexting partner, get one right now. RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Sexting 2

Now I know what you are thinking: “Shouldn’t I be working and focused instead of firing off a bunch of dirty messages?” Yes, you should but that is what multitasking is for. Plus, do you really follow all the rules? And if you do, where has that gotten you? I would love to know.

As far as I know there has not been any extensive research done on increased happiness in the workplace due to sexting, but I bet any findings would show this correlation to be a positive one. I personally have noticed that when I receive those raunchy and flirty messages, I turn into this happy-go-lucky employee. Suddenly that annoying as fuck co-worker is not so annoying, the anxiety decreases and my day seems a lot more tolerable. I no longer want to leave flipping everyone off, I leave with a smile on my face knowing there will soon be a dick in my face.

And sexting doesn’t just melt work stress away, it melts life’s problems away. It’s exciting, exhilarating and all around a fun time. There is nothing that gets me more revved up, than when a guy texts me and says how he can’t wait to eat my perfect pussy while finger fucking me at the same time. Or how he can’t wait to bend me over and smack my tight ass. It jumpstarts my heart rate, I notice the warm blood running through my body and my vagina starting to get wet. In this moment everything in life is manageable and it’s all okay.

Tell me, how do you feel about sexting during work? Are you a sexter? Why or why not?



  1. lol…hahahha… I know exactly how you feel… sexting no…but everything else yes… I don’t sext for fear of my privacy being invaded. Happens here all the time, there is like a hall of fame here where every so often there are a ton of pics being shared of people who do this in the comfort of their own ‘phone’ yet assholes for one reason or another who come into contact with the phone thinks it is their duty to broadcast your shit….

    I know of an incident where someone borrowed someone’s phone to make a phone call a Fucking Phone CALLLL and managed to forward the person’s nudes to their phone and the rest is history…

    Not quite sexting but there was also an incident where police officers confiscated a phone from a search and shared a sex video, the individuals sued and received almost half a mil from the government…

    So I’m very careful when it comes to those things…

    nice post…

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    1. This is so true! You really do need to be careful. I do mostly dirty talking more than I send nudes and I do a lot of dirty talk through snap….so I am not too concerned. I am sorry that there are fucked up people out there, but I am not going to let those ruin my fun with sexting:) Thank you for your comment, feedback and follow:)

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  2. I only sext when I’m super comfortable with someone. I’ve talked dirty at work, but I’ve never sent a naughty pic on the job. I don’t do it often because I’m afraid of being caught and I won’t be able to focus. After work is a different story.

    I don’t know if this counts as sexting, but I’ll post faceless naked pics of myself on my Tumblr page. Sometimes I’ll submit to womenexcellence or thepureskin if I’m not getting enough attention. I also post on /r/gonewild on reddit.

    There’s something about the thrill and attention of someone seeing me naked. My posts being shared and no one knowing who I am. I get a ton of messages and it’s such a turn on.

    Maybe one day I’ll have to try sexting during my lunch break at work.

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    1. I understand sexting is not for everyone and that is definitely okay. During a lunch break at work is a great start. And whatever turns you on and makes you feel great, go for it! Thanks for the comment and sharing:)


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