Benefits to Having a Fuck Buddy

As someone who has had plenty of fuck buddy (friends with benefits) relationships in her life, I feel that I am more than qualified to give some sound advice. Just like with anything in life, there is the good and the bad. In this post I will discuss the good and in a later, separate post I will discuss the bad.

Why it’s beneficial to have a fuck buddy—For me, I have major commitment issues (don’t worry, I am in therapy for it) but am a super horny girl. When those two meet and collide, it’s the perfect recipe to go and snatch up a fuck buddy.


Its perfect: I don’t have to commit to them, no emotions are involved and I can use them for their juicy, thick cock. It sounds pretty fucking perfect, right? Well, as long as you abide by some rules.

Basic rules to follow—you both have to be on the same page or it will never work. Yes, this does mean that you need to communicate with each other. Some things to ask: How long will this fuck-only relationship last? How often will you guys expect to fuck? Is someone staying overnight? Cuddling after? Will you talk/text in between fuck sessions? Will you be open about other people you are fucking? If this seems like a lot of work in order to have a fuck buddy, then maybe you shouldn’t have one. Someone’s feelings are bound to get hurt if there is not an open line of communication. Trust me.

Take it from me. I was sleeping with a guy and had no idea that he really liked me. Imagine my surprise when he started talking about dating and being in a relationship with me. Um hold up, I thought I was in a relationship with his penis only. We clearly were not on the same page and if there was some communication in the beginning, I could have avoided attachment to his cock.

Benefits to no strings attached sex—you get on demand, frequent sex without having to go search for it. Again, perfect scenario for someone like me who has commitment issues and is horny as fuck. I personally am not a fan of one night stands, but if that’s your thing absolutely no judgement from me. That’s why finding 1-2 steady fuck buddies usually does the trick.

Ever had a sexual fantasy that has never been lived out? Grab that sex buddy and go for it. The sex will eventually get boring, so things need to be spicy at all times. Now is the time to try all those orgasm inducing sex positions.

Keep in mind, good rule to follow—Don’t ever get into a fuck buddy relationship with someone that you would want to date. That’s how feelings and emotions get involved and you will get hurt. I promise. And keep in mind, fuck only relationships are not for everyone and that’s okay. No, there is nothing wrong if you can’t successfully be in one.

But for those that can, fuck away and be safe.

Tell me—Are you in a successful fuck buddy relationship? What makes it work? What advice do you have for others?


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